I am a graphic designer and web developer in the Burlington Area of Vermont. I am also the founder of Meehan Solutions, LLC. I provide a variety of services for small business owners, including, website design, content management services, graphic design, photography, custom coding solutions, webmaster services, search engine optimization, social media management, reputation management, and internet consulting services.

I tend to work with following types of businesses:

  • Hospitality Industry – restaurants, bars, cafes
  • Professional Services – law firms, builders, medical, and contractors
  • Retail Shops & Unique small businesses of all kinds.

The sites I have built have built range from simple yet effective sites for startups on a budget to complex sites for national companies.

The title of graphic designer and web developer is not a typical combination. Often times a person is either one or the other as the nature of each position is quite different. Both of these positions solve very different problems and utilize different ways of thinking. I attribute my ability to perform both of these tasks from my background in a family business. Small business owners often have to be very flexible and learn how to synthesize a lot of information quickly and also compartmentalize when need to focus on specific tasks.

Why does flexibility matter in my profession? For a simple reason, business owners need to know that you can solve as many problems as possible with the least amount of time spent talking, holding meetings, collaborating, and so on. They need a partner someone how knows what they need and can just execute that plan within the budget they have.

Many web development companies, developers, and graphic designers want the business owner to conform to their way of doing things. I have learned that a business owner needs can be unique and seldom are aligned neatly into some generic process or category. I can identify the strengths and weaknesses and find a solution that fits their budget and timeline.

I hope you will consider looking at my company to help your business grow and thrive on the web.